Save Money by Installing Whole House Fans in California

Want to give your air conditioning system a break while saving money on your electrical bill? A whole house fan works by quickly pulling in large amounts of fresh cool air from outside and circulating it through your home. In the meantime, the hot air gets pushed out your attic in minutes. Whole house fans can do the job in less than half that time. Since it pushes air out the attic, it also cools the attic and reduces heat-gain in your home. By turning on your fan in the cool morning hours, you can bring in comfortable air, then close up the house and avoid that intense summer heat. Turning it on again in the evening ensures all day comfort on all but the very hottest days!

Advantages of Whole House Fans

In milder climates, whole house fans can eliminate the need for use of your central air conditioning altogether. This can allow you to more focus on installing an efficient heating system for your home, such as radiant flooring. Even if you need something more than whole house fans during the summer, the fans will greatly reduce the stress and need for high performance from your current air conditioning system which will save you money every month on your electrical bill!

The operating cost of a whole house fan is about one-tenth that of air conditioning and should enable you to cut your electricity usage by 80%! The fans typically draw 400 to 600 watts of electricity, operating for eight cents or less per hour. Therefore, under the right circumstances, a whole house fan can ventilate your entire home on the electricity an air conditioner would use to cool one room!

We recommend you choose a large-capacity fan, which will make less noise running at a low speed than a small fan will operating at higher speed. Our top quality electricians can install fans with rubber or felt gaskets to dampen noise. Whole-house fans require an opening between the living space and the attic, but that opening can allow cold air to infiltrate your living space in cold-weather months. Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. can install an airtight insulated cover over the opening to prevent heat loss and keep your heating bills from skyrocketing. This is just another way Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. helps our customers save more money on their electrical bills! Do it right! Do it the Safe-Way!

For more information on the types of whole house fans we can offer, call our team of state certified electricians who are happy to assist all your needs!