Enjoy the Benefits of Installing an Electric Car Charging Station at Your Home in California

One of the benefits of installing your own home charging station for your electric car is that you can wire it to collect energy from sources other than the electricity that powers the rest of your home. If you install solar panels when you set up a home charging station, your car’s fuel will be practically free after you absorb the cost of the station itself. Since public charging stations will most likely find ways to make you pay for the power, having a less expensive alternative at home is the smartest way to go. Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. can help!

With many energy-conscience consumers purchasing electric vehicles, Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. is more than qualified to assist you in all your charging station needs. The charging station is connected directly to the electrical network via specific socket and plug and dedicated circuit. A control and protection function is also installed in the installation. This is the only charging mode that meets the applicable standards regulating electrical installations. It also allows load-shedding so that electrical household appliances can be operated during vehicle charging or on the contrary, optimize the electric vehicle charging time.

Trust our state certified team of electricians at Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. to install generators & car charging stations in your home!

Facts & Tips

When installing a home generator system for your home or office always hire a licensed electrician. A poorly calculated system will not power your home or office sufficiently in your time of need. Always set your generator outside in a properly ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide build up.