Save Energy—and Money—with Attic Fans in California

The fact is that heat rises. It could be higher than 100° in your attic space, even on a moderate 80° day! That’s why most home roofing industry experts agree that cooling your attic with attic fans along with good ventilation not only saves you money on energy costs, but also extends the service life of your major components such as roof framing and trusses, insulation, venting, plumbing, electrical wiring, and other components located in your home’s attic space.

If you are building a new home or doing major remodeling or renovation on your existing home, consider installing one of these systems. The return on the investment is compelling! There are several different types of fans we can provide for your home including solar powered attic fans. To learn more about which attic fan best suites your home, call Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. today!

Facts & Tips

Today’s attic fans have waterproof flashing that meshes integrally with your roof shingles. Drawing less than 300 watts each, these attic cooling fans can offer you several key benefits including: reducing upper floor room temperatures by 10° on a hot day, lengthening the life of roofing materials and major home components, and saving you up to 30% on home air-conditioning costs! Optional humidistat reduces moisture and keeps your attic dry during the winter.