Moreno Valley Electrician

Installing or repairing electrical systems doesn’t need to be challenging. At Safeway Electric, our team has completed more than 30,000 electrical jobs in the Moreno Valley region. Whether it’s a large commercial project or a quick residential repair job, we understand how to do it.

If you want to speak with our electricians in Moreno Valley, you can reach us today at 800-496-4311. We’re always ready to provide more information to new clients!

Full-Service Residential Electrician in Moreno Valley

At Safeway Electric, we understand that electrical systems can be complex for residents that don’t have industry experience. Fortunately, we know how to fix, replace, and install all types of residential electrical systems. Whether you need a new electric vehicle charging station or a ceiling fan electrician to upgrade your climate control system, we’re here to help.

If you want a residential electrician that cares about your needs, our team at Safeway Electric is always ready to help.

Full-Service Commercial Electrician in Moreno Valley

If you need a commercial electrician to help you with electrical work, we’re ready to help. We have electricians that specialize in large commercial projects. They have the resources and expertise to help you complete large electrical jobs on time. We partner with a range of business owners throughout Moreno Valley.

Our Electrical Services in Moreno Valley

  • Arc Fault Breakers in Moreno Valley
  • Appliances & Dedicated Circuits in Moreno Valley
  • Attic Fans in Moreno Valley
  • Breakers and Fuses in Moreno Valley
  • Ceiling Fan Installation in Moreno Valley
  • Clothes Dryer in Moreno Valley
  • Complete Home Rewire in Moreno Valley
  • Electric Car Charging Station – EV Charger Installations in Moreno Valley
  • Electrical Panels (breaker panels) in Moreno Valley
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades in Moreno Valley
  • Electrical Troubleshooting in Moreno Valley
  • Generators in Moreno Valley
  • GFCI Outlets in Moreno Valley
  • Grounding and Bonding in Moreno Valley
  • Landscape Lighting in Moreno Valley
  • Lighting Fixtures in Moreno Valley
  • Main Panel Upgrades in Moreno Valley
  • Meter Bases in Moreno Valley
  • Microwaves in Moreno Valley
  • New Electrical Outlets in Moreno Valley
  • Oven and Stove Connections in Moreno Valley
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation in Moreno Valley
  • Pool, Spa, and Sauna Electrical in Moreno Valley
  • Recessed Lighting in Moreno Valley
  • Smoke Detectors in Moreno Valley
  • Surge Protection in Moreno Valley
  • Switches and Dimmers in Moreno Valley
  • Whole House Fans in Moreno Valley
  • Whole House Rewires in Moreno Valley

If you need custom electrical services in Moreno Valley, call our office to discuss your project. We’re more than happy to provide niche electrical solutions to our customers!

Speedy Electrical Contractors in Moreno Valley

If you want to fix an electrical issue but can’t afford to wait weeks for a contractor to visit your home or business, then Safeway Electric is the first company you should call. We make it simple to access fast electrical services, no matter when you need them. Call us now for an urgent visit from our team!

Emergency Electrician in Moreno Valley

Electrical faults can often occur outside of normal business hours. Whether you are a Moreno Valley resident or business owner, you may need help when other electrical contractors are closed.

We help businesses and individuals avoid electrical issues. No matter what time of year it is, difficulty with your climate control system or other core appliances can result in a range of problems. Call us no matter the time of day or night!

Local Electrician Near Me in Moreno Valley

Supporting local businesses in Moreno Valley can help you benefit from personalized services. At Safeway Electric, we’re much better than large national electrician chains that don’t prioritize customer service. We’re always ready to help our clients benefit from timely and affordable electrical jobs!

Cost-Effective Electrical Contractor in Moreno Valley

Calling an electrician in Moreno Valley can be expensive if you don’t choose the best contractor for the job. At Safeway Electric, our commitment to low prices ensures that our clients benefit from affordable electrical work. We understand that our residential and commercial clients have budgets – and we’re here to help you stick to them!

Why Choose Safeway Electric in Moreno Valley?

Let’s take a look at what makes us Moreno Valley’s favorite electrical contractor:

  • We only employ licensed electricians in Moreno Valley.
  • We’re a one-stop shop for all your electrical repair, replacement, and installation needs.
  • We’ve completed more than 30,000 electrical jobs.
  • We have 24/7 electricians on standby that can provide emergency services.
  • We offer better prices than other electrician companies in Moreno Valley.
  • We never charge Moreno Valley clients for electrical quotes!

Contact the Best Electrician in Moreno Valley!

If you want to speak with us about our electrician services in Moreno Valley, you can reach us at 800-496-4311. Our professional contractors can provide electrical repair, replacement, and installation to all Moreno Valley residents and business owners. We’re always just a quick phone call away if you need a free quote!