Stay Safe with Smoke Detectors Installed in California by Safe-Way Electric

Approximately 13 out of 14 homes in the US now have smoke alarms installed. Almost half of all home fires that occur, however, happen in homes without working smoke alarms. Over 60% of fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can warn you of a fire when you are asleep, busy, or in a different part of the house from where the fire is. They provide you vital extra warning time when you are awake, and they will wake you if a fire occurs while you are asleep.

Many people think that they will smell smoke and wake up if a fire occurs in their home, but this isn’t true. Many fires produce odorless gasses that are very toxic. These gasses can overcome people who are asleep without ever waking up. Smoke alarms provide life-saving warnings to allow you to get out of the house before you are trapped by fire or smoke.

Smoke alarms save lives. If your home has smoke alarms, check them to be sure that they are clean, test them and install new batteries when needed. If your home doesn’t have smoke alarms, invest the few dollars needed to purchase and install them with Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. Our team of state certified electricians can ensure you that the install is done right and your home is safe! Your life is worth it.

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Facts & Tips

Many people have smoke alarms that don’t work. This isn’t because the alarms were defective, but because they were not properly cared for. Like any other piece of electronic equipment, smoke alarms must be maintained properly. Having a smoke alarm that doesn’t work can be a fatal mistake. Take care of your smoke alarms and they will take care of you.