Add a Modern Touch to Your California Home with Recessed Lighting

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, recessed lighting can be a key element in both the function and style of your space! There are countless benefits to recessed lighting. It offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork or other special features in your home as well as open up spaces so they look and feel bigger. Trust our team of state certified top quality electrical service specialists to get the job done perfect in your home! We are equipped with high-tech tools to get the job done flawlessly as well as keep your home nice and clean!

Facts & Tips

When to Avoid Recessed Lighting in Your Home

Ceilings of concrete or with ornate plasterwork or delicate molding details are not good candidates for recessed lighting. In these spaces, choose a chandelier (if there is an electrical box in the ceiling), wall sconces, or table lamps instead.

Cautions about Recessed Lighting

Know your home and its construction before purchasing any lighting components, since each installation will be unique. Get advice from our team of experienced electrical salespersons on what parts are needed for your space, including special wiring, transformers, bulbs, or IC-rated housings. In some local areas you’re required to obtain building permits to upgrade or install recessed lighting. You should have your new lights installed by a qualified state certified electrician here at Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. to get the job done right the first time around!