Learn about Electric Stoves & Dedicated Circuits in California

Electric stoves are commonly more efficient than gas or wood-burning stoves, and since they do not rely the resource of gas, which is expensive, electric stoves are less costly than gas stoves. You can control the output of an electric stove more easily than you can the output of a gas or wood burning stove, which is a major reason for the increased efficiency and lower cost. Electric stoves are also generally more inexpensive to purchase than their gas counterparts, so consumers are saving money with an electric stove even before installing it. Along with the installation, Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. can install a dedicated circuit to help your appliance run more efficiently and help squeeze all the savings you can every month!

Facts & Tips

As far as safety, electric ranges do not rely on gas flames, which could potentially initiate a fire. Also, if a pilot light goes out on a gas range, the room can fill up with toxic and harmful gases, which are unsafe to inhale. Many electric stoves come with a light that indicates when one of the burners is on and hot, warning those around the stove not to touch the surface.